October 29, 2022, Denver – With just 15 remaining members at the beginning of 2022, the pandemic and other factors had generated challenges for the Mile High Denver Bailliage. Reemerging with new leadership and direction, the Bailliage Board worked diligently to plan a creative and dynamic calendar for members with themed, BYOB wine tasting events, and frequent and exciting casual events along with the traditional Chaîne, coursed dinners.

Vice Chargée de Presse Christiann Vaughn, Bailli Robby Vaughn, Vice Argentier-Chancelier Maryanne Murphy, Bailli Délégué Bertrand de Boutray, Vice Echanson Bridget Bailey, Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Jean Louis de Bedout, Vice Chargée de Missions Lois Paul.
Inductees Chevalier Bryan Pauze and Dame Courtney Holmes.

The Mile High Denver Bailliage hosted two Chaîne inductions in April and October welcoming 24 new members, transfers, and reinstatements. The October Induction was a joint Chaîne and Mondiale induction. Bailli Délégué Bertrand de Boutray, Chargée de Presse Provincial, Southwest Kathy Shay and Chambellan Provincial, Southwest Dennis Shay were kind enough to support our Bailliage and fly in for the event. This historic induction reinstituted Denver’s Société Mondiale du Vin which had been dormant for several years. Seventeen Mondiale members were inducted that night, bringing the Mondiale to 24 members.

One of the new Chaîne members is Maître Rôtisseur Chef Elise Wiggins who hosted the October induction dinner at her restaurant Cattivella. Her passion for bringing people together, treating them as family, and, well, of course, exceptional food made the event even more remarkable. She created an amazing menu which took members on a culinary journey to the Piedmont region of Italy which featured the world’s best truffles.

Maître Rôtisseur Elise Wiggins.

Wine pairings were curated by sommelier and distributor Angelo Rosalia of Vinifera Imports. Even the sparkling wine was from Piedmont, but the real showstopper was the twelve-liter bottle of 2010 Barolo. Serving that size of a bottle was definitely a two-person job and somehow- even with five other wine pairings – the bottle was finished at the end of the evening.

Dame Kasia Iwaniczko-MacLeod displays the empty 12L bottle of Barolo.

Tuber magnatum, the white truffle.

The Mile High Denver Bailliage is eager to carry the excitement and momentum into the new year. Denver is honored to be hosting the 2023 National Grand Chapitre. We look forward to seeing everyone here for exhilarating culinary adventures and camaraderie in Colorful Colorado.

Featured photo: Société Mondiale du Vin inductees (from left) Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Jean Louis de Bedout, Chevalier Robert Ian David MacLeod III, Dame Kasia Iwaniczko-MacLeod, Chevalier Jonathan Miller, Bailli Délégué Bertrand de Boutray, Dame Pamela Fickes-Miller, Vice Echanson Bridget Bailey, Chevalier Kenneth Stuckey, Dame Joanna Chao, Chevalier Clifford Weinberger, Bailli Robby Vaughn.

Photographer: K. Gotham Photography

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