Feb. 6, 2022, San Francisco Bailliage, Sausalito – The San Francisco Bailliage held their annual Induction-Elevation Dinner at what quite possibly is the most picturesque venue on the San Francisco Bay: Cavallo Point the Lodge at the Golden Gate.

Dionne Holder Ilmstadt (Vice Chargée des Medias Sociaux) and Robert Cugini, Bailli Provincial (Pacific Northwest Provincial).

Cavallo Point, located at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, is part of San Francisco’s history. In 1775, the rocky point was named “Punta de Caballo” by the commander of one of the first European vessels that sailed into San Francisco Bay. Wild horses once roamed here, and “caballo,” the Spanish word for “horse,” was soon mispronounced “cavallo” by early California settlers, and the name took hold.

Cavallo Point the Lodge at the Golden Gate has received numerous awards including: Travel + Leisure’s Global Vision Award for Sustainability; 2021 Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Award; World Legacy Award for Sense of Place (National Geographic); the “Best of the Best” Award for Sustainable Tourism Leadership (Virtuoso); the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (California EPA); and Sustainable Spa of the Year (Green Spa Network); as well as awards from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the National Housing and Rehabilitation Association, the State of California’s Office of Historic Preservation, and the California Preservation Foundation. The resort also has LEED Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council.

This historic lodge, with a stunning panorama of the San Francisco Bay and skyline, including the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge for a backdrop, is also home to one the Bay Area’s top culinary destinations, Murray Circle Restaurant that showcases local, seasonal ingredients that are adapted and crafted from the best available sources in the local area. Ninety percent of the food served there is sourced within 200 miles.

During the Welcome Reception, guests enjoyed a variety of hors d’oeuvres, including: five-spiced duck pâté, ginger-apple relish, crispy tapioca; vermicelli-wrapped shrimp and island sauce chili-spiced eggplant; and spring rolls with citrus hoisin.

Wine: NV Pérez Barquero, Gran Barquero, Fino en Rama Sherry

Dee Carroll (Vice Chargée de Presse) and Tim Carroll (Spouse).

After the Reception, Robert Cugini, Bailli Provincial of the Pacific Northwest Region, presented the San Francisco Bailliage with two Fleur-de-Lis embellished swords, and then presided over the Elevations and Special Recognitions Ceremony.

Elevations were bestowed upon:
Marcia Striffeler – Bailli
Jack Lapidos – Vice Chargé de Missions
Dionne Holder Ilmstadt – Vice Chargée des Medias Sociaux
Dee Carroll – Vice Chargée de Presse
Philippe Striffeler – Vice Conseiller Culinaire

Commandeur Pins were then presented:
10 year pins:
Ron Fenoli
Bob Schumann
Susie Schumann
Madison Tyler
20 year pin:
Teri Nishikawa

30 year pin:
Elliot Katz

Teri Nishikawa (Dame de la Chaîne) and Elliot Katz (Baille Honoraire).

Special recognition was also given to Elliot Katz for his many years of unselfish, dedicated service to the Bailliage.

After the ceremonies, we were all eager to start our much-anticipated dinner, which we knew would delight. Prepared for us by Chef Michael Garcia, a recent Carême Award recipient, we started off with:

First Course: grilled Miyagi oysters (with Uni butter, daikon soubise, caviar, wakame).
Wine: 2019 Cave Mont Blanc de Morgex et La Salle, Prie Blanc, Valle d’Asota

Second Course: lobster and foie gras dumplings (with lemongrass dashi, shitake, Thai chili, and charred scallion oil).
Wine: 2019 Derthona Monilà Oddero, Timorasso, Colli Tortonesi

Third Course: white miso black cod (with celery root puree, shimeji mushroom, haricots verts, and shishito salsa).
Wine: 2019 Manincor, Riserve della Contessa, Terlano Bianco, Alto Adige Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc

Intermezzo: A refreshing ginger-pear sorbet (and crispy shisho leaf)

Fourth Course: We were treated to perfectly grilled Sonoma lamb (drizzled with black garlic glaze, and accompanied by sweet potato rosti, grilled bok choy, shisho pesto, crispy ginger).
Wines: A side-by-side offering of two wines for this course:
2017 Domaine Cabirau, Serge & Nicolas Maury Sec, Rouge Rousillon Grenache, Syrah, Carignan;
2016 Domaine du Couroulu, Vielles Vignes, Vacqueyras – Rhône Syrah, Grenache

The perfect ending to the fabulous meal was the Yuzu Soufflé topped with Candied Buddha’s Hand and Raspberries for dessert. The feast did not disappoint!

P.S. Elevations to the height of the Golden Gate Bridge? That would be 746 feet.

Featured photo: Elliot Katz (Bailli Honoraire), Marcia Striffeler (Bailli), Robert Cugini (Bailli Provincial, Pacific Northwest Provincial).

Photos: Courtesy of Caitlin Karraker, Guest

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