The Bailliage du Sarasota of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs enjoyed dinner at the Laurel Oak Country Club on April 14, 2019. It was a smaller, more intimate group of the members for a Pre-Easter feast, which allowed all who were present to have an opportunity to get to interact and know each other better.

Upon entering the room, a large table with a cheese and charcuterie display consisting of Stilton Blue, Jallegio, Manchego, Speck, Soppressa and Chorizo was impressively presented on a large wooden block surrounded by oversized bottles of wines. Many of the members agreed that the food chosen proved to be delicious.












The conversation flowed easily during the round of appetizers and the four-course dinner. The menu chosen by the chef included many delicacies such as the Seared Tuna Wonton with Caviar Crema, Seared Diver Scallops, Hudson Valley Duck Breast, Australian Lamb Rack, and Black Currant and Lavender Sorbet.

It was a great surprise to member Bruce Lesser, Chavellier de la Chaîne to receive his Commandeur Pin from Bailli Tom Conduit. The men enjoyed the after dinner time with cigars and cognac on the patio in the beautiful setting admiring the views of the Laurel Oak Country Club.

Photos by Christina Failla, Vice Chargee de Presse and Lee Kotwicki, Dame de la Chaine