Entering the Herb Farm takes one back to a quieter time…where you will experience gardens with fabulous herb fragrances, a large traditional wine cellar, a century-old fireplace and traditional wainscoting surrounding superb antiques that greet you entering the Salon. On March 3, 2019, the welcoming glass of Champagne was an invitation to explore further and discover the beautifully appointed wine cellar carrying a selection of some 4500 perfectly aged wines. Tasting distinctive Wines, locally farmed and foraged natural products packed with taste all perfectly crafted by the signature native cuisine, made this experience a total delight!

The Herb Farm opened in 1986, before the farm to table restaurants were fashionable. It is a member of Slow Food movement, the international movement to preserve artisanal food, locally grown, sourcing some of their ingredients grown on the property.

Carrie Van Dyke and Ron Zimmerman started with a herb farm in the seventies eventually opening the restaurant with Ron as head chef. They are one of a very few 5 diamond award restaurants in the US with a proud history of sustainable food and a James Beard award.

As of 2018, Chris Weber is the Herb Farm chef and is the youngest of any America’s 47 5-Diamond restaurants. He presents the artisanal food and wine with a knowledge his young age defies, providing a knowledgeable thoughtful progression of the sourcing and food construction as the dinner progresses. A truly special repast and time was had by all.

A special thanks to Seattle Bailage, Vice Conseiller Gastronomique, Betty Sasenick for all her hard work. Via la Chaine!

Photos by Chargee de Presse Robin Du Brin