Braving an onslaught of winter temperatures, snow, and high winds, members and guests of the Bailliage de Springfield of La Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs were welcomed to the New Year’s Jazz Brunch on Jan. 8, 2019 by Bailli John Dale Kennedy. The brunch was held at Indigo Restaurant. A capacity crowd of 50 sipped a selection of sparkling wines from the Chaîne’s Thomas Y. Pearson Memorial Cellar and welcomed 2019.

Virgil Rhodes and his Jazz Trio once again provided entertainment and atmosphere, enhanced by dark interior of Indigo and the intriguing canine art images painted by Dee Boehm, as interpretations of New Orleans artist Gus Rodrique’s Blue Dogs series. Dee is the mother of Kevin Boehm, who originally opened the restaurant in 1998. Current owners Mike Novel and his wife, Samah, have retained Kevin’s original dining concept.

Chevalier Tim Van Fleet, Dame Korine Vlahou-Van Fleet, Dame Karan Ross, Dame Barbara Payne, and Chevalier Brian Payne
Dame Korine Vlahou-Van Fleet, Dame Karan Ross, Dame Barbara Payne, Chevalier Brian Payne, Chevalier Kevin Ogden, and Paula Velton










Diners were first treated to the inaugural offering from newly arrived executive chef Andrew Casey. The meal lived up to Indigo’s reputation for providing a fresh and creative fusion of French, Contemporary American and Asian Cuisine in its dishes. Each course was complemented by wine chosen by Vice Echanson Geoff Bland.

Indigo provided a warm, inviting atmosphere, shutting out the winter weather. After the hectic holidays, members and guests appreciated the opportunity to enjoy this gastronomic adventure in a relaxed, casual setting. Vive la Chaîne!

Caul-Wrapped Bass with Grilled Parsnip Noodle. Grilled Turnips


Passed Hors d’oeuvres: Chef’s Choice
Mixed bubblies from our cellar *

Puree of Rutabaga & Apple. Brown Butter & Chives. Broiled Oyster.
Lemon Sabayon & Caviar.
Trimbach Pinot Gris Alsace Réserve 2013 *

Caul-Wrapped Bass with Grilled Parsnip Noodle. Grilled Turnips.
Daikon-Ginger Dashi.
Hubert-Lamy, Saint-Aubin 2013 *

Braised Pork Cheek on Cranberry Bean Purée.
Pine Nut Jus & Grilled Cucumber.
Klein Constantia Estate Red, South Africa 2013 *

Clementine-Yogurt Sorbet. Red Wine Gastric

Roasted Duck Bone Jus & Seared Duck Breast.
Crispy Goose Tongues, Coriander & Paprika. Fideos & Beet Pearls.
Robert Craig Cellars Affinity Cabernet Sauvignon 2009*

Apple Confit with Brown Butter Mousse and Armagnac Sabayon.
Delord Napoléon Bas-Armagnac

*From Chaîne’s Thomas Y. Pearson Memorial Cellar

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